About Us

About BangamixTv

BangamixTV is an online platform uniquely designed for Africans in diaspora. We curate an entertaining and informative selection of videos and content that you’ll love.

About Our Team

We’re Africans, just like you! Headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland, we are in touch with the burning questions that our fellow Africans have. We started BangamixTV to provide a home for killer content in a fun, easy to use platform. Through our own creativity, passion, and focus, we have developed our website to represent the originality and diversity of Africans around the world.  Our ultimate focus is to give the underdog a place to share content, watch content, and even earn money from their content. If you’re an African in diaspora in the Americas, Europe, or Southeast Asia BangamixTV is the right fit for you.

What To Expect from BangamixTV

Want the latest travel information? We’ve got it.  Want to keep up to date on the latest news affecting Africans? We’ll keep you informed.  Looking to make new connections with fellow Africans? Check out our personals.  From travel information to sports and even clever merchandise, everything we have on our website is about you! The videos and content we share directly affect our audience. You won’t find irrelevant content on our site.

Earn Money With BangamixTV!

At BangamixTV, we are passionate about helping our audience control their social postings and earn income. The big guys of social media make it difficult to earn income from your content. We want to change that.  We’ve created a platform where you can upload your videos and share proceeds from your uploads. Generating income off your ideas has never been easier! You get to control your social posting and get paid no matter what.  Forget about posting on social media sites that are oversaturated with content making it impossible to earn income. The more views your content receives, the more opportunities you have for generating income. Get views and get paid, when you choose to share your content on BangamixTV.

We’re On A Mission

If you’re an African diaspora, our platform is the right place for you. Our mission is to deliver a platform where you can earn income and enjoy high quality content uniquely curated for Africans.

What We Value

We pride ourselves in providing information and tools to help you earn passive income from your creativity, while offering an endless array of content for entertainment and personal development purposes.

Our Promise to You

When you use our site to upload your content, we promise that no matter what you will get paid.

Start Using BangamixTV Today!

Whether you are looking for travel information, up-to-date news or a new, better way to generate income from your content our platform is the right fit. Submit your videos and we’ll let you know if it’s posted and monetizable. Explore our platform, upload content, and enjoy information from Africans for Africans, when you use BangamixTV.